Infrastructure and Learning Resources

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The College is situated in the heart of the historical city of Gwalior. The campus has a seamless Wi-Fi network and has been aesthetically designed to provide a refreshing environment, stimulating intellectual alertness and creativity. Its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere belies the range and intensity of the activities which are always underway and which also complement academic life

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Lecture Theatres

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The lecture theatres are designed in such a way that there is a clear line of vision between the teacher as well as the taught. They are ably aided with latest teaching audio/visual tools to facilitate smooth transfer of knowledge. The classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for the dynamic and focused discussions.

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The library at Aditya is more like integrated Knowledge Resource Centre enriched with latest books, magazines, periodicals, references, national and international journals covering all aspects of academic studies and research material. The entire gamut of publications, books, periodicals and subject-specific database available in our library, intellectually challenge our students and help them in their research exercises.

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Computer Lab

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The Computer Lab is having advanced computing resources for providing one-to-one access to students. The lab is furnished with the latest servers and nodes to give students an access to the internet and study material. It is also equipped with the latest educational applications from around the world.

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Aditya boasts of a state-of-the-art auditorium that acts as a common ground for students, faculty and corporate personalities for facilitating regular interfaces, conferences and other events. There are round the year activities where numerous global thought leaders share their experiences.

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The Cafeteria is definitely voted to be the most popular hangout on the campus. This is the place to rejuvenate the tired spirits through lip smacking delicacies. The cafeteria provides much needed appetizer breaks in a cozy atmosphere.

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Aditya Net Grid

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At Aditya each student is assigned with an email account. This account is used for communication between students, mentors, peers and as well as to receive notification of upcoming college events and activities.

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Aditya Cloud

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An Online resource library

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