Our Faculty

Our faculty is devoted to the cause of harnessing the best out of every student. Innovative teaching methodologies and interactive learning schemes make learning a truly enlightening experience. The teaching fraternity nurtures in students’ a quest for academic excellence, coupled with strong indulgence in co-curricular and development activities.
The Institute also draws on expert guest faculty comprising specialist from business enterprises, research institutions, leading business schools and affiliated University. From professors to visiting executives, Aditya gives them the chance to work and learn alongside some of the best minds today.

Mr. Rajeev Wadhwa


Dr. Anuja Bhadouria



Mayank Singhal

Assistant Professor (Marketing)

Mr. Mahaveer Jain

Assistant Professor (Maths)

Mr. Adarsh Kumar

Assistant Professor (Tourism)

Dr. Rajni Rajawat

Assistant Professor (Hindi)

Dr. Sunita Chauhan

Assistant Professor (Accounts)

Mr. Rajkumar Jain

Assistant Professor (Taxation)


Mr. Ruchiv Sharma

Manager Operation

Mr. Omkaar Singh

Assistant Accounts Officer

Mr. Neeraj Tomar

Accounts Officer

Mr. Satish Mathe

Senior Office Assistant (Academic)

Ms. Sunandini Sharma