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Employment Programs

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The College strives at offering employability enhancing programs to the students. These programs are mapped with the College Calendar and are delivered through innovative in-campus training modules. Students are imparted specialised functional skills and critical communication and personality skills, essential to building a successful career. The overall curriculum is specifically designed keeping both industry expectations and career aspirations of the students in mind. This initiative will enhance the employability of students through results driven training and will provide them an opportunity to learn from expert trainers.

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Training and Placement Cell

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The Training & Placement Cell is sensitized to function all through the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students. The Cell works with the students to identify their career interests, abilities and skill gaps. It also suggests learning interventions that will help them to achieve their career goals. The Cell also maintains strong relationships with the corporate world and works with various organisations to identify their recruitment needs. This is then mapped to students’ career aspirations, and if a mutually beneficial placement opportunity is available, it facilitates an interaction between the organisations and the students.

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Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Cell

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The Cell aims at manifesting the underlying entrepreneurial spirit of the students. The Cell helps students to practice their business concepts and skills as well as equip them with the experience of running a business entity. We support in organizing the seed fund for the project from the interested venture capital firms and angel investors. The Cell allows new and future entrepreneurs, student and faculty to create, grow and sustain the entrepreneurial spirit within the institute. It serves as a hub for people from various spheres to connect with each other and exchange ideas and information.

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Continual Career Support

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A student of Aditya College has the unique advantage of drawing the benefits of lifelong career support-first as a student and later on, as an alumnus. Managing a career is an ongoing, lifelong process. We provide our alumni with online resources and information to successfully navigate job transitions, network and professional development, including access to our alumni job site.

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